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BioWhat? (education)

Pick a country (where to buy)

Grass-fed butter  (where to buy)

Grass-fed meat  (where to buy)

Bulletproof Coffee shops  (where to find)

Red LED lights  (where to buy)

Krill Oil & Fish Oil Omega 3  (where to buy)

Local Farmers’ Markets  (where to find)

Oxidative and Antioxidant therapies (chelation, ozone therapy, Myers’ Cocktail, prolozone)  (where to find)

Top Podcasts on Biohacking (and related)  (education)

Flotation tanks / Sensory Deprivation / Isolation tanks  (where to find)

Nootropics / Smartdrugs / Mood enhancers  (where to find)

Detox therapies (colonics, infrared sauna, liver flush)  (where to find)

Mineral Hair Analysis  (where to find)



2 thoughts on “List of Articles

  1. Hi,

    New subscriber here sir, can you give me a tip on where to buy modafinil or piracetam here in the philippines?.. i just want to experience an improvement on my focus and to feel right and good.i am handling one of the operation of dishawashing plant here in takes an opium rx from doctor so it’s quite tough.. pls. help.. thanks – vince


    • Hi Vincent – I don’t specifically know where to get those in Philippines, but if i find anything I will load it onto the Nootropics page (above).

      Note that modafinil & piracetam are very different – in terms of strength & effect. Try many pharmacies – there is at least a chance you get piracetam there. It also goes under the brand ‘Nootropil’ – so ask at pharmacies and see what they have.

      Another option which I find good for focus is CILTEP – it’s available mailorder from Australia, for example. Check out the links wrt Australia in the Nootropics page and give it a shot.


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