Mineral Hair Analysis in Asia

Just how much rubbish, how many toxins, have built up in your system? Whether from eating too much mercury-laden fish, or perhaps your water supply is lead contaminated, or too much tinned food, or any number of other sources … the first step in knowing that you need to detox your body is to get a sense of what minerals exist in your body – some will be too high, others too low.

  • What is it, and why do you need it?

Simply speaking, minerals in your body (good & bad) get incorporated into your hair as it grows, and by testing a hair sample for these minerals, you can see whether you are being poisoned, or perhaps have inadequate levels of certain substances. Good starting points would be to read this FAQ and then 13 Reasons To Get Your Hair Mineral Analysis Tested.

  • Very poor review of “Live To 110”

In some of the above links, and various podcasts, you will come across Wendy Myers’ Live to 110 and the Mineral Power program. I had been impressed with their written material, so decided to try them for getting a hair test done (which would have involved posting my hair sample overseas). It was a shocking experience in terms of disregard for customer privacy, rudeness and broken promises. As of writing this, my experience with them remains unresolved. I’m not saying you should or shouldn’t choose them (over a local Asia-based agent listed below) but wanted to share my experience because of its relevance to your privacy & experience:

 – I entered all my private & personal information (including uploading a recent medical report) to their encrypted https server (good)
 – Their system automatically emailed me a full unencrypted copy of everything I had just entered, including a link to where anyone could download my personal medical report (shocking breach of privacy)
 – I complained, they apologised & refunded my money (good)
 – Yet my medical records were still available for download by anyone for another week, in spite of my numerous emails and chasers (shocking), until they eventually managed to delete them
 – They had offered in writing to still do the test, even after refunding the money to me, but when I emailed them to take them up on their offer, they stopped replying to me. After a month of emailing them to take them up on the offer, I gave up – still no replies from them (terrible)
–> As I say, you’re welcome to use them if they are your partner of choice, but you might prefer working with someone local to access the US labs, listed below. Since they aren’t replying to me, I don’t know whether they have fixed their processes, or whether your personal information is at risk of blatantly being exposed unencrypted across the Net. It was clear from correspondence that this wasn’t a one-off, but I don’t know how many of their previous clients have their personal information all over the Net now. Without having received any replies to my various follow-up emails, I can confirm that their customer service remains poor.
  • Recommended places

On the basis of my research, much of which is neatly summarised in this article about the Hair Analysis Controversy, at this stage I’m only listing places in Asia which offer testing through Analytical Research Labs in the US. Perhaps at some stage I will change this, but for now this is my preference.



HK & China:








New Zealand:





This site is intended as a resource listing only. I am not recommending that you undergo any of the treatments listed here, take any of the supplements, undergo any tests, or make any other changes in your life before discussing with a doctor. I include sites here to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for here in Asia, but not to imply support for any venue, treatment, supplement or process.


Detoxing in Asia

While Biohacking spends a fair amount of time talking about bringing good stuff into your body (like supplements or grass-fed butter), there is also a strong focus on getting the bad stuff out of your body.

If you’re looking for information about chelation (eliminating heavy metal toxins) then follow this link to my earlier article on Oxidative & Antioxidant Therapies in Asia.

Otherwise, here are some additional methods you might try:


  • Colonics / Colon hydrotherapy

In Hong Kong it’s available from Hydrotherapy or Hydrohealth (dead?) or Mindbody.

In Thailand it’s available from Hydrohealth.


  • Infrared Sauna (why?)

In Hong Kong it’s available from Skin Gym and Mindbody and Sol-Wellness.

In Singapore it’s available from Cecilia Westberry and Afond Spa.

In Thailand you will find it at Hydrohealth.


  • Liver Flush

In Thailand it’s available from Hydrohealth.


  • Special mention

In Hong Kong I came across a store in Central called i-Detox, which specialises in selling products for detoxing – across a very broad range. Given the content of this page, I thought it was worth mentioning.


This site is intended as a resource listing only. I am not recommending that you undergo any of the treatments listed here, take any of the supplements, or make any other changes in your life before discussing with a doctor. I include sites here to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for here in Asia, but not to imply support for any venue, treatment, supplement or process.


Local Farmers’ Markets in Asia

FarmersA key part of Biohacking is eating food of quality – both in terms of getting good nutrition in, and keep the bad stuff out. That’s one of the reasons we focus on grass-fed food – including butter and meat, and one of the reasons we choose krill oil which is sourced so far from our toxic near-shore oceans.

One place – other than upscale supermarkets – where you might be able to get good quality food is a local farmers market near you. The goal would be to find food that isn’t mass-produced using antibiotics, corn-fed rather than grass-red (while the animals roam around), etc. Here are some local farmers markets in Asia – I will update them as I find more.

And for those not used to buying at farmers’ markets, here is a great post on how to get the most out of your visits.

  • Australia


  • Hong Kong

:: Tai Po Farmers Market: 12 Tai Po Tai Wo Road (9am – 5 pm / Sun)   :: Tuen Mun Farmers Market: 2 Castle Peak Rd, So Kwun Wat (10am – 4pm / Sat)   :: Island East Markets: Tong Chong St, Taikoo (Sun)  :: Central Farmers’ Market: Star Ferry Pier, Central (11am – 5pm / Sun)  http://jetsettimes.com/2013/08/02/hong-kong-farmers-markets/





  • India

Mumbai Farmer’s Market

  • Indonesia



  • Japan







  • Malaysia


Tamu KPD Market in Borneo, Malaysia

  • New Zealand






  • Philippines

BF Homes Parañaque: in the Southern suburbs of Manila on Saturday mornings, which definitely has grass-fed butter

Salcedo Village: In Manila’s Makati City on Saturday morning

Legaspi Village: In Manila on Sundays

  • Singapore

Kranji Countryside Farmers Market (association)

Pasarbella (although less ‘local’)

Singapore Farming (great resource)

  • South Korea


If you are aware of other local farmers’ markets, or resources about Asian markets, please let me know so I can update this page. Thanks!

Bulletproof coffee (and other products) in Asia

bulletproofFor many people, the Bulletproof Diet was their first foray into Biohacking, most particularly the incorporation of Bulletproof coffee into their diet (whether they’re just adding grass-fed butter and coconut oil themselves, or going all the way with Bulletproof coffee beans and XCT or Brain Octane oil).

For those who do not buy and make their own coffee, so far I have only found once place in Asia that serves proper Bulletproof Coffee. (If you’re aware of other places, please let me know.)

  • Hong Kong

In various places (Sheung Wan, Causeway Bay, Wan Chai, Aberdeen) you can find the Elephant Grounds coffee shop, which sells Bulletproof Coffee with MCT oil. This place is extremely expensive, but if you have no other way to get the stuff, you might do it anyway. (It’s HKD60, which is about £5 – compared with the £2.95 that you can buy Bulletproof Coffee with MCT oil at Crush in London.)

  • Singapore

If you want to order Bulletproof products, you can find some at Quantified Asia.