Mineral Hair Analysis in Asia

Just how much rubbish, how many toxins, have built up in your system? Whether from eating too much mercury-laden fish, or perhaps your water supply is lead contaminated, or too much tinned food, or any number of other sources … the first step in knowing that you need to detox your body is to get a sense of what minerals exist in your body – some will be too high, others too low.

  • What is it, and why do you need it?

Simply speaking, minerals in your body (good & bad) get incorporated into your hair as it grows, and by testing a hair sample for these minerals, you can see whether you are being poisoned, or perhaps have inadequate levels of certain substances. Good starting points would be to read this FAQ and then 13 Reasons To Get Your Hair Mineral Analysis Tested.

  • Very poor review of “Live To 110”

In some of the above links, and various podcasts, you will come across Wendy Myers’ Live to 110 and the Mineral Power program. I had been impressed with their written material, so decided to try them for getting a hair test done (which would have involved posting my hair sample overseas). It was a shocking experience in terms of disregard for customer privacy, rudeness and broken promises. As of writing this, my experience with them remains unresolved. I’m not saying you should or shouldn’t choose them (over a local Asia-based agent listed below) but wanted to share my experience because of its relevance to your privacy & experience:

 – I entered all my private & personal information (including uploading a recent medical report) to their encrypted https server (good)
 – Their system automatically emailed me a full unencrypted copy of everything I had just entered, including a link to where anyone could download my personal medical report (shocking breach of privacy)
 – I complained, they apologised & refunded my money (good)
 – Yet my medical records were still available for download by anyone for another week, in spite of my numerous emails and chasers (shocking), until they eventually managed to delete them
 – They had offered in writing to still do the test, even after refunding the money to me, but when I emailed them to take them up on their offer, they stopped replying to me. After a month of emailing them to take them up on the offer, I gave up – still no replies from them (terrible)
–> As I say, you’re welcome to use them if they are your partner of choice, but you might prefer working with someone local to access the US labs, listed below. Since they aren’t replying to me, I don’t know whether they have fixed their processes, or whether your personal information is at risk of blatantly being exposed unencrypted across the Net. It was clear from correspondence that this wasn’t a one-off, but I don’t know how many of their previous clients have their personal information all over the Net now. Without having received any replies to my various follow-up emails, I can confirm that their customer service remains poor.
  • Recommended places

On the basis of my research, much of which is neatly summarised in this article about the Hair Analysis Controversy, at this stage I’m only listing places in Asia which offer testing through Analytical Research Labs in the US. Perhaps at some stage I will change this, but for now this is my preference.



HK & China:








New Zealand:





This site is intended as a resource listing only. I am not recommending that you undergo any of the treatments listed here, take any of the supplements, undergo any tests, or make any other changes in your life before discussing with a doctor. I include sites here to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for here in Asia, but not to imply support for any venue, treatment, supplement or process.


2 thoughts on “Mineral Hair Analysis in Asia

  1. Hi, I did the hair tissue mineral analysis in Singapore at Spectrum Learning (analysis by Trace Elements), so I thought I’ll share my experience.
    I got my results after ~10 days by email (they were not public). I disagree with the linked article that their graph is difficult to read, plus I got very good consultation to interpret my results.
    I sent some details about me beforehand (my weird diet, allergies, supplements I’m taking now and some genetic info I thought might be relevant), and doctor took it into account and gave recommendations based on that. We spent 1 hour discussing about possible reasons of my results and what to do about it, about supplements I’m taking and which ones I should take on top, and about neurofeedback (they do it >20 years). I was happy with their service, and as soon as my OpenBCI kit arrives I’m taking neurofeedback training with them.


    • Martina, thanks for your comment. In case anyone in Singapore wants to try them, this is the link to their Mineral Hair Analysis here.

      Out of curiosity, what were some of the detox supplements they recommended you use?


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