Detoxing in Asia

While Biohacking spends a fair amount of time talking about bringing good stuff into your body (like supplements or grass-fed butter), there is also a strong focus on getting the bad stuff out of your body.

If you’re looking for information about chelation (eliminating heavy metal toxins) then follow this link to my earlier article on Oxidative & Antioxidant Therapies in Asia.

Otherwise, here are some additional methods you might try:


  • Colonics / Colon hydrotherapy

In Hong Kong it’s available from Hydrotherapy or Hydrohealth (dead?) or Mindbody.

In Thailand it’s available from Hydrohealth.


  • Infrared Sauna (why?)

In Hong Kong it’s available from Skin Gym and Mindbody and Sol-Wellness.

In Singapore it’s available from Cecilia Westberry and Afond Spa.

In Thailand you will find it at Hydrohealth.


  • Liver Flush

In Thailand it’s available from Hydrohealth.


  • Special mention

In Hong Kong I came across a store in Central called i-Detox, which specialises in selling products for detoxing – across a very broad range. Given the content of this page, I thought it was worth mentioning.


This site is intended as a resource listing only. I am not recommending that you undergo any of the treatments listed here, take any of the supplements, or make any other changes in your life before discussing with a doctor. I include sites here to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for here in Asia, but not to imply support for any venue, treatment, supplement or process.