Buying Nootropics (Smart Drugs) in Asia

NootropicsSubs What’s this all about?

In broad terms, any drug/supplement/food that enhances mental function can be called a Nootropic, and indeed there are so many aspects of ‘mental function’ that can be affected, including short-term memory, long-term memory, logic, social feeling, motivation, clarity, etc. You can read more about it at Wikipedia or listen to the SmartDrugSmarts podcast, and if you’re looking for a great ‘definitive list’ you can find it on the always-good Nootriment site.

This article will help you find where to get Nootropics in Asia, listed (as usual) by country. You always have the option of buying online and shipping it to yourself in Asia, but some countries are very strict, like Singapore, so make sure you’re only buying what is legal in your country!

Note that some are really common across Asia (like 5-HTP, CoEnzymeQ10, Grapeseed Extract & Ginseng) so I won’t bother creating listings for them.

Others are clearly illegal (like Marijuana) and I will make no effort to track that down for you 🙂

The purpose of this list (including the insider list which you can subscribe to below) is to tell you where you can get nootropics. It is not recommending that you take nootropics, nor suggesting they are right for you. Please use your common sense, and also consult a doctor.


  • Piracetam/Nootropil: By prescription (read more here)
  • Nootrologist sells the following: Alpha GPC, Aniracetam, Choline, Coluracetam, Inositol & others
  • NootropicsEdge sells the following: Adrafinal, Alpha GPC, Coluracetam, Noopept, Phenibut, PhenylPiracetam, Sulbutiamine & others
  • CILTEP is available from OptimOz


  • Huperzine A: available over the counter and some pharmacies
  • Piracetram: available over the counter and some pharmacies
  • Modafinal/Provigil: available bulk powder form as a research chemical

Hong Kong

  • Choline: I have seen this in one store in Causeway Bay
  • Idebenone: I have seen this in one store in Causeway Bay
  • Modafinal/Provigil: Prescription only
  • Piracetam/Nootropil: Available over-the-counter at some pharmacies – I found in in Central, one in Causeway Bay & one in Wanchai


  • Sulbutiamine/Arcalion: This was actually invented in Japan, but is only available by prescription


  • Sulbutiamine/Arcalion: There are apparently only two pharmacies where this is available over-the-counter


This is a fairly large field – both in terms of the number of nootropics, as well as in terms of how and where to get it. I will build it up further over time – please share any information you have with me.

This site is intended as a resource listing only. I am not recommending that you undergo any of the treatments listed here, take any of the supplements, or make any other changes in your life before discussing with a doctor. I include sites here to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for here in Asia, but not to imply support for any venue, treatment, supplement or process.