Flotation tanks / Sensory Deprivation / Isolation tanks in Asia

If you’re not sure what this list is about, you can read about these tanks on Wikipedia, or listen to a podcast about them. But moving on quickly to a list of places where you can find them in Asia …

I’m sure there must be other places in Asia, so if you know of any (or indeed if you own one) then please let me know.

  • China

Floatasian Float Spa (Huangpu District)

  • Hong Kong

Float On (Central)


Zero Gravity Flotation Spa (Happy Valley)

  • Singapore

Float House

Palm Avenue Float Club

  • Taiwan

Dreamwater (link died?)


Top Podcasts on Biohacking (and related)

240px-Apple_Podcast_logo_wikiThere is a huge amount of material out there for those wanting to learn about biohacking (a field which is extraordinarily wide anyway), but we only have limited time. I will therefore make some recommendations – with the focus on quality rather than trying to be comprehensive. I will probably add a few more, but will fight the desire to make this a long list! I would love to find out about what podcasts you think are really good – so please leave comments below.

Most of these shows can be listened to online or through iTunes – use whatever makes it easiest for you. And the two ways of hacking biohacking podcasts are (1) using your commute time to listen to podcasts, every day; and (2) on good podcast  apps you can listen at 1.5 speed (or more) – if you can concentrate then you can get through a lot more material.

I would suggest that if you are interested in biohacking and if you haven’t been through most of the episodes in this series, then you shouldn’t bother with the other ones until you’ve made a good effort her. It covers nutrition, exercise, apps & devices, diet … and lots of other material. Dave Asprey gets in great guests and is very good at sharing knowledge. You definitely want to begin here.

Although I first though this would only be about exercise, I must say I’m blown away by the content. Ben has an excellent knowledge of nutrition, exercise, biohacking, etc., and each podcast is packed with great information.

One of the original biohackers who has done some really cool stuff. His earlier episodes cover the more ‘traditional’ forms of biohacking, with later episodes exploring success & achievement – but many really good interviews to listen to.

Another really good podcast for biohackers. Although it sounds like it might only cover nootropics, Jessie actually covers a lot of non-drug topics – but invariably around the topic of your brain and your mind.

For those specifically looking for biohacks around the body & function, this is a good podcast – where Dr Cobb covers interesting techniques around flexibility, strength, peripheral vision, isometric, mobility, etc.