Oxidative and Antioxidant therapies in Asia

For people new to biohacking, the range of treatments which make up the so-called “oxidative therapies” and “treatments with antioxidants” may seem rather unusual, but for those who are reasonably active in their anti-ageing quest, these are quite common. They are not always particularly easy to find in Asian countries, so I’m building up my list here.  (If you are aware of others, please get in touch with me and I will update them.)

  • What are oxidative & antioxidant therapies?

There are a variety of sources which will help answer that question for you, and give you a sense of the range of options that exist here.

Bulletproof Radio interview with Dr Robyn Benson about healing with oxygen. Oxygen Healing website with a focus on ozone therapy, but others are included. OrthoLiving explains the Myers’ Cocktail and Chelation. How Dr Rowen uses Ozone therapy for Ebola.

  • Chelation Therapy

LifeClinic offers this in HK.  In India you can find it in Mumbai. In Thailand it’s available in Bangkok.

  • Myers’ Cocktails

Dr Lauren Bromley‘s practice offers this in HK. You can get it in Thailand at HydroHealth (who also offers Megadose Vitamin C).

  • Ozone Therapy

Australia has doctors on the Sunshine Coast and in Melbourne. In HK you can get this as part of Constitutional Therapy session at Natural Healing. Ozone Hydrotherapy is available in Singapore at BRT. In Indonesia you can get it in Jakarta and Bali, and another Bali place. It is also available in Thailand. And in New Zealand there are apparently two doctors who offer this. In India you can find it in Mumbai. There are options in Malaysia too.

  • Prolozone Therapy

This is available in Australia. In India you can find it in Mumbai. Indonesia has a place in Bali. There are options in Malaysia too.

  • Other detox therapies

We have another article which lists places you can get other types of detox therapy here.


This site is intended as a resource listing only. I am not recommending that you undergo any of the treatments listed here, take any of the supplements, or make any other changes in your life before discussing with a doctor. I include sites here to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for here in Asia, but not to imply support for any venue, treatment, supplement or process.


Local Farmers’ Markets in Asia

FarmersA key part of Biohacking is eating food of quality – both in terms of getting good nutrition in, and keep the bad stuff out. That’s one of the reasons we focus on grass-fed food – including butter and meat, and one of the reasons we choose krill oil which is sourced so far from our toxic near-shore oceans.

One place – other than upscale supermarkets – where you might be able to get good quality food is a local farmers market near you. The goal would be to find food that isn’t mass-produced using antibiotics, corn-fed rather than grass-red (while the animals roam around), etc. Here are some local farmers markets in Asia – I will update them as I find more.

And for those not used to buying at farmers’ markets, here is a great post on how to get the most out of your visits.

  • Australia


  • Hong Kong

:: Tai Po Farmers Market: 12 Tai Po Tai Wo Road (9am – 5 pm / Sun)   :: Tuen Mun Farmers Market: 2 Castle Peak Rd, So Kwun Wat (10am – 4pm / Sat)   :: Island East Markets: Tong Chong St, Taikoo (Sun)  :: Central Farmers’ Market: Star Ferry Pier, Central (11am – 5pm / Sun)  http://jetsettimes.com/2013/08/02/hong-kong-farmers-markets/





  • India

Mumbai Farmer’s Market

  • Indonesia



  • Japan







  • Malaysia


Tamu KPD Market in Borneo, Malaysia

  • New Zealand






  • Philippines

BF Homes Parañaque: in the Southern suburbs of Manila on Saturday mornings, which definitely has grass-fed butter

Salcedo Village: In Manila’s Makati City on Saturday morning

Legaspi Village: In Manila on Sundays

  • Singapore

Kranji Countryside Farmers Market (association)

Pasarbella (although less ‘local’)

Singapore Farming (great resource)

  • South Korea


If you are aware of other local farmers’ markets, or resources about Asian markets, please let me know so I can update this page. Thanks!