Krill Oil & Fish Oil Omega 3

For most people who supplement their Omega 3 intake, fish oil seems to be the most common form. And looking around Asia, I’ve seen fish oil Omega 3 supplements all over the place – even buying separate DHA and EPA supplements is easy. For that reason I won’t bother giving details on how to get these. But more and more research is showing that Krill Oil is much more powerful (and preferable) to fish oils, so that’s the focus of this article. There is an untold number of articles online which talk about Krill Oils, so here is a short selection to get you started …

  1. Wikipedia explains a krill is a crustacean
  2. Bulletproof rates it one of your key supplements
  3. What is it? (benefits & dosage)
  4. Benefits for heart brain arthritis weight loss etc.

And this is where you can get it in Asia …

  • Australia

In Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne (and therefore probably the other major cities in Australia) you can get Krill Oil & Omega 3 fish oils in most health stores – with several brand options.

  • Hong Kong

It seems there are more & more places that are offering it – which is good news (and hopefully good news for price too). (1) Healthquest (Happy Valley, or inside Citysuper in Causeway Bay, or TST) – they sell Barlean’s Wild & Whole. (2) Basement of Wing On Department Store in SheungWan. (3) i-Detox in Central, (4) Little Giant in Causeway Bay, (5) Nature’s Bounty in Causeway Bay (who sell 1000mg capsules – best value in HK), (6) Good Life Nutrition House in Kowloon City, (7) ThreeSixty (wellness section) in Elements Mall above Kowloon Station.

  • India

So far I am unaware of any places where krill oil can be bought from stores in India, and you may have to order from overseas.

  • Malaysia

I was able to buy krill oil in KL in the small GNC store inside the  shopping mall which is next door to Central Station, and now have also seen in in the Guardian Pharmacy at KL International Airport.

  • Singapore

I have found a couple of brands of Krill Oil at Guardian Pharmacy chain, so that could be a good starting point when you’re looking. (If you know where to buy Krill Oil elsewhere in Asia, please let me know)

  • Taiwan

Finding fish oil Omega 3 supplements is really easy – they are available in pharmacies, health shops, etc. But even popping into many places in Taipei to check, I only found one place that sells Krill Oil (written as 磷蝦精, in case they don’t have the English word).  (There must be other places, though, so let me know.) The place is called Dr. Med, and it’s about 5 minutes walk from Zhong Shan Junior High Metro Station, on the corner of JinZhou & LongJiang.


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