Red LED lights in Asia

  • Shedding light on the topic

RedTorchLThere is a fair amount of material written about the value of Red LED lights (and other colours too!) – from eliminating white & blue lights (and only using red) before you sleep, to accelerated healing, to powering up your body’s mitochondria by shining red light on different parts of your body, to helping your skin produce more collagen. Here are some good starting links:

     Hack your brain with light (on

     Bulletproof Radio interview with Steven Fowkes (part 1 & part 2)

Low Level Light Therapy & Intranasal Light Therapy

The question that this site focuses on, of course, where do I buy that in Asia? The starting point would be to pop into any home lighting place looking for Red (or coloured) LED lights, or any place that sells LED torches, but if there are particularly useful places around Asia then I will list them below. 

  • Hong Kong

LedLightStripsThe best place to get Red LED lights in Hong Kong is Apliu Street electronics market right outside the ShamShuiPo MTR station (exit A2). You can pick up small single-battery red LED torches for about HKD120 (~USD12) and for HKD1000-ish you can get 2000 lumens devices. And if you want a strip of red LED lights by your bed (before sleep, and then waking) or over your desk when working, then you can buy a 1 metre strip for a mere HKD30 (~USD3!), plus a battery pack for another HKD15. Ridiculously cheap. 

LedLampAt Japan Home Store in HK you can also get a night light which can do about half-dozen colours of your choosing, for under HKD200 – I keep one in the bathroom, tap-on-tap-off.

  •  Japan

It shouldn’t be a surprise for those living in Tokyo that the place to go for strips of LEDs (at about ¥3200 per metre) and Red LED Torches (from ¥1000 upwards) is Akihabara. Near the river end, close to the Manseibashi intersection, is a multi-stall indoor market with many vendors offering this kind of thing. Prices appear to be 10x what I found in HK, but if you gotta go you gotta go 🙂

Akihabara1 Akihabara2

If you know of other places, elsewhere in Asia, please let me know. 




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