Bulletproof coffee (and other products) in Asia

bulletproofFor many people, the Bulletproof Diet was their first foray into Biohacking, most particularly the incorporation of Bulletproof coffee into their diet (whether they’re just adding grass-fed butter and coconut oil themselves, or going all the way with Bulletproof coffee beans and XCT or Brain Octane oil).

For those who do not buy and make their own coffee, so far I have only found once place in Asia that serves proper Bulletproof Coffee. (If you’re aware of other places, please let me know.)

  • Australia

OptimOz. has a wide range of products, including many Bulletproof options.

  • Hong Kong

In various places (Sheung Wan, Causeway Bay, Wan Chai, Aberdeen) you can find the Elephant Grounds coffee shop, which sells Bulletproof Coffee with MCT oil. This place is very expensive, but if you have no other way to get the stuff, you might do it anyway. (It’s HKD60, which is about £5 – compared with the £2.95 that you can buy Bulletproof Coffee with MCT oil at Crush in London.)  You can usually find some Bulletproof products at Nature’s Village (Central) – including the protein bars, charcoal, cold coffee drinks, collagen powder, etc.

  • New Zealand

A number of Bulletproof products are available from Biohacker NZ.

  • Singapore

If you want to order Bulletproof products, you can find some at Quantified Asia.



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