Grass-fed Butter in Asia

BetterButterFor followers of the Bulletproof Diet (and similar diets) some of the first questions they ask are … “Which brands of butter are grass-fed? And where can I buy that near me?”  Kerrygold Irish grass-fed butter is often the starting point for the search (since it’s quoted in books & articles) but for those of us who live in Asia, that doesn’t work out well!

The good news is that Anchor Butter is grass-fed (according to Anchor it is both grass-fed and grass-finished), and is available unsalted in many parts of Asia. More specifically, I have found it in the following places.

Remember that you also have the choice of visiting a local farmers’ markets, where you could find really good grass-fed butter or ghee. Take a look at my Asian collection of markets here.

  • Australia

Grass-fed butter is common in Australia, and is easy enough to find in most supermarkets.

  • China

You should be able to find it at any of the supermarkets (usually in the bigger cities, though) that target ex-pats, including CitySuper & Parksons.

  • Hong Kong

Aim to look in the Fusion supermarket chain as your first choice. Update: Recently Taste has started stocking unsalted Anchor on a regular basis.

(Although I sometimes see Anchor unsalted in Marketplace and Gourmet Food Hall, it’s usually salted butter only, which should be avoided. I sometimes find Kerrygold in Fusion – but again it is salted only.)

  • Japan

I personally have not found Anchor in Japan – there seems to be a very large domestic butter production (milk from Hokaido?) and maybe that obviates the need for importing. Drop me a note if you know where to get it. (Or if you know which local brands are grass-fed thn please let me know.)

  • New Zealand

Since the brand I recommend in most Asian countries is Anchor and that comes from New Zealand, it should be easy enough to find a plentiful supply of grass-fed butter out there.

  • Philippines

In Manila I found Anchor unsalted in the Landmark supermarket.

  • Singapore

Both Anchor & Kerrygold are available in the Mitsukoshi store on Orchard Road.

I have now also found both Kerrygold and Anchor in ColdStorage.

I will update this article as I get additional information on where you can buy grass-fed butter in other cities in Asia.

  • Taiwan

I found Anchor unsalted grass-fed butter in Taipei, in a regular Wellcome store. Specifically, it was the one on RenAi, near Taipei City Hospital, but I’m sure it’s available at others too.

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7 thoughts on “Grass-fed Butter in Asia

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  4. that is very useful for people like my self who are interested in paleo butter always gets a bad rap but seriously this butter has a lot of nutrional value because the body will recognize it better and can be added to all foods eg vegetables are better absorbed by the body in an oil base . activator x a term coined by Weston price may also be present in this food as well . lastly I have found here in Singapore that mad jacks food chain serve grass fed meat I think this is very useful info especially for athletes . stop using vegetable conola and soy as oils immediately you have been completely mislead . rancid oils in in cooked food are the scurge and if we want to tackle heart disease and improve overall health start now by eliminating rancid oils from their diet . usa some time in the past past a law where all food makers were forced to start cooking with vegetable oil and many health professionals believe this to be why heart disease rates have risen . becoming aware of grass fed butter will open a pandoras box if you are curious into a new life style leaning towards ancestral diet and its principles for anti aging . lastly I am no expert but I hope this comment has pricked the grey matter and begin a journey on a healthier life style . listed below are foods or habits that I have included as part of my life style changes
    natto with wheat free soy sauce (tamri) source of vk2
    gouda cheese – good fat source also has vk2
    bone broth
    grass fed meat
    steamed veges with added grass fed butter
    earthing grounding – standing on wet sand or damp grass
    thank you and start a new journey in health today

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    • Thanks Peter – appreciate your comments! One comment which might be useful to you … I have stopped using soy sauce (well, as much as possible) and just use sea salt now. It’s not identical, but it tastes similar, and it’s actually healthy!


    • Jiawen, thanks for your comment – and that useful link. I use Anchor for melting into my coffee, but the Organic Valley I often use for eating at ‘room temperature’ (don’t want to damage the cultures 🙂 I find Westgold & President are usually more pale in colour than Anchor, so instinctively feel the nutrition-value is higher with Anchor, but that’s a personal feeling,


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