Krill Oil & Fish Oil Omega 3

For most people who supplement their Omega 3 intake, fish oil seems to be the most common form. And looking around Asia, I’ve seen fish oil Omega 3 supplements all over the place – even buying separate DHA and EPA supplements is easy. For that reason I won’t bother giving details on how to get these. But more and more research is showing that Krill Oil is much more powerful (and preferable) to fish oils, so that’s the focus of this article. There is an untold number of articles online which talk about Krill Oils, so here is a short selection to get you started …

  1. Wikipedia explains a krill is a crustacean
  2. Bulletproof rates it one of your key supplements
  3. What is it? (benefits & dosage)
  4. Benefits for heart brain arthritis weight loss etc.

And this is where you can get it in Asia …

  • Australia

In Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne (and therefore probably the other major cities in Australia) you can get Krill Oil & Omega 3 fish oils in most health stores – with several brand options.

  • Hong Kong

It seems there are more & more places that are offering it – which is good news (and hopefully good news for price too). (1) Healthquest (Happy Valley, or inside Citysuper in Causeway Bay, or TST) – they sell Barlean’s Wild & Whole. (2) Basement of Wing On Department Store in SheungWan. (3) i-Detox in Central, (4) Little Giant in Causeway Bay, (5) Nature’s Bounty in Causeway Bay (who sell 1000mg capsules – best value in HK), (6) Good Life Nutrition House in Kowloon City, (7) ThreeSixty (wellness section) in Elements Mall above Kowloon Station.

  • India

So far I am unaware of any places where krill oil can be bought from stores in India, and you may have to order from overseas.

  • Malaysia

I was able to buy krill oil in KL in the small GNC store inside the  shopping mall which is next door to Central Station, and now have also seen in in the Guardian Pharmacy at KL International Airport.

  • Singapore

I have found a couple of brands of Krill Oil at Guardian Pharmacy chain, so that could be a good starting point when you’re looking. (If you know where to buy Krill Oil elsewhere in Asia, please let me know)

  • Taiwan

Finding fish oil Omega 3 supplements is really easy – they are available in pharmacies, health shops, etc. But even popping into many places in Taipei to check, I only found one place that sells Krill Oil (written as 磷蝦精, in case they don’t have the English word).  (There must be other places, though, so let me know.) The place is called Dr. Med, and it’s about 5 minutes walk from Zhong Shan Junior High Metro Station, on the corner of JinZhou & LongJiang.


Red LED lights in Asia

  • Shedding light on the topic

RedTorchLThere is a fair amount of material written about the value of Red LED lights (and other colours too!) – from eliminating white & blue lights (and only using red) before you sleep, to accelerated healing, to powering up your body’s mitochondria by shining red light on different parts of your body, to helping your skin produce more collagen. Here are some good starting links:

     Hack your brain with light (on

     Bulletproof Radio interview with Steven Fowkes (part 1 & part 2)

Low Level Light Therapy & Intranasal Light Therapy

The question that this site focuses on, of course, where do I buy that in Asia? The starting point would be to pop into any home lighting place looking for Red (or coloured) LED lights, or any place that sells LED torches, but if there are particularly useful places around Asia then I will list them below. 

  • Hong Kong

LedLightStripsThe best place to get Red LED lights in Hong Kong is Apliu Street electronics market right outside the ShamShuiPo MTR station (exit A2). You can pick up small single-battery red LED torches for about HKD120 (~USD12) and for HKD1000-ish you can get 2000 lumens devices. And if you want a strip of red LED lights by your bed (before sleep, and then waking) or over your desk when working, then you can buy a 1 metre strip for a mere HKD30 (~USD3!), plus a battery pack for another HKD15. Ridiculously cheap. 

LedLampAt Japan Home Store in HK you can also get a night light which can do about half-dozen colours of your choosing, for under HKD200 – I keep one in the bathroom, tap-on-tap-off.

  •  Japan

It shouldn’t be a surprise for those living in Tokyo that the place to go for strips of LEDs (at about ¥3200 per metre) and Red LED Torches (from ¥1000 upwards) is Akihabara. Near the river end, close to the Manseibashi intersection, is a multi-stall indoor market with many vendors offering this kind of thing. Prices appear to be 10x what I found in HK, but if you gotta go you gotta go 🙂

Akihabara1 Akihabara2

If you know of other places, elsewhere in Asia, please let me know. 



Bulletproof coffee (and other products) in Asia

bulletproofFor many people, the Bulletproof Diet was their first foray into Biohacking, most particularly the incorporation of Bulletproof coffee into their diet (whether they’re just adding grass-fed butter and coconut oil themselves, or going all the way with Bulletproof coffee beans and XCT or Brain Octane oil).

For those who do not buy and make their own coffee, so far I have only found once place in Asia that serves proper Bulletproof Coffee. (If you’re aware of other places, please let me know.)

  • Hong Kong

In various places (Sheung Wan, Causeway Bay, Wan Chai, Aberdeen) you can find the Elephant Grounds coffee shop, which sells Bulletproof Coffee with MCT oil. This place is extremely expensive, but if you have no other way to get the stuff, you might do it anyway. (It’s HKD60, which is about £5 – compared with the £2.95 that you can buy Bulletproof Coffee with MCT oil at Crush in London.)

  • Singapore

If you want to order Bulletproof products, you can find some at Quantified Asia.


Grass-fed meat in Asia

In the same way that Biohackers focusing on optimal diets will choose grass-fed butter as a key part of their diet, so too they will aim to eat grass-fed meats when available. This means eating more Omega 3 and other nutrients from their meat, and especially eating less of the inflammatory Omega 6 fats found in corn-fed meats. Such meats can be harder to find and more expensive, but this is a Biohacking blog for health, not one aimed at saving money.

For a great infographic about what grass-fed is, why it’s better and how to cook it, take a look at this article on

  • Asia

A general rule is to look in the meat section of supermarkets (the upmarket ones are more likely to stock such meats), looking for “grass-fed” options. If all else fails, New Zealand meats and some Australian meats are more likely to have been grass-fed, even if they aren’t labelled as such.

Don’t forget that local farmers’ markets (see my collection for Asia here) can be a great place to find healthy foods, including grass-fed meats.

  • Australia

In a number of countries around Asia, when I have found grass-fed meat in supermarkets, it’s often from either Australia or New Zealand, and there it shouldn’t be a surprise that this is easy to find all over the place in Australia. That said, here are some options:

Boxgum Grazing delivers to Young NSW & Canberra & the ACT

Gold Coast Meats has stores in the area (Mermaid Waters & Benowa), but also delivers more widely

Solly’s Bulk Meat delivers to Canberra & NWS (south coast)

  • Hong Kong

Here are two sites where you can order grass-fed meat for home delivery in HK. I have only used the former (watch for their special offers):

Feather & Bone (was ‘Three Butchers’, you can also visit them at 18 Gage St, Central)

My Meat Man


There is an article in Liv Magazine that gives some other places for buying grass-fed beef in Hong Kong that is worth checking out.

  • India

Joseph’s Mumbai Master Butcher

  • New Zealand

In a number of countries around Asia, when I have found grass-fed meat in supermarkets, it’s often from either Australia or New Zealand, and there it shouldn’t be a surprise that this is easy to find all over the place in New Zealand.

Grass-fed Butter in Asia

BetterButterFor followers of the Bulletproof Diet (and similar diets) some of the first questions they ask are … “Which brands of butter are grass-fed? And where can I buy that near me?”  Kerrygold Irish grass-fed butter is often the starting point for the search (since it’s quoted in books & articles) but for those of us who live in Asia, that doesn’t work out well!

The good news is that Anchor Butter is grass-fed (according to Anchor it is both grass-fed and grass-finished), and is available unsalted in many parts of Asia. More specifically, I have found it in the following places.

Remember that you also have the choice of visiting a local farmers’ markets, where you could find really good grass-fed butter or ghee. Take a look at my Asian collection of markets here.

  • Australia

Grass-fed butter is common in Australia, and is easy enough to find in most supermarkets.

  • China

You should be able to find it at any of the supermarkets (usually in the bigger cities, though) that target ex-pats, including CitySuper & Parksons.

  • Hong Kong

Aim to look in the Fusion supermarket chain as your first choice. Update: Recently Taste has started stocking unsalted Anchor on a regular basis.

(Although I sometimes see Anchor unsalted in Marketplace and Gourmet Food Hall, it’s usually salted butter only, which should be avoided. I sometimes find Kerrygold in Fusion – but again it is salted only.)

  • Japan

I personally have not found Anchor in Japan – there seems to be a very large domestic butter production (milk from Hokaido?) and maybe that obviates the need for importing. Drop me a note if you know where to get it. (Or if you know which local brands are grass-fed thn please let me know.)

  • New Zealand

Since the brand I recommend in most Asian countries is Anchor and that comes from New Zealand, it should be easy enough to find a plentiful supply of grass-fed butter out there.

  • Philippines

In Manila I found Anchor unsalted in the Landmark supermarket.

  • Singapore

Both Anchor & Kerrygold are available in the Mitsukoshi store on Orchard Road.

I have now also found both Kerrygold and Anchor in ColdStorage.

I will update this article as I get additional information on where you can buy grass-fed butter in other cities in Asia.

  • Taiwan

I found Anchor unsalted grass-fed butter in Taipei, in a regular Wellcome store. Specifically, it was the one on RenAi, near Taipei City Hospital, but I’m sure it’s available at others too.

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